Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Promoting Local Food Products

Now Philippines is still publishing whole grain or grain. Information from Indonesian Flour Manufacturers Organization (Aptindo) mentioned its affordable increased 6%. Wheat's transfer this year could arrive at 6.6 thousand plenty. Whereas this year "only" 6.2 thousand plenty. It is interesting. Why? Because the Indonesian islands has various regional meals.

Many kinds of vegetation are increasing in the non-urban places. There are uwi, ganyong, gembili, suwek, rondo sluku, punuk banteng, garut, kimpul, etc. All of these organic presents can be the alternative of whole grain or grain flour. It was described by Mr. Kemin on Weekend (27/5). He is the chair of Mekarsari Self-Help Peasant Team at Gegunung Town, Sendangsari, Pengasih, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta.

I frequented there along with a multitude of FOKAL's (Forum for Family and Kids who Love the Environment) associates started by Ning Raswani. She is one of Nova Motivating Females who won the 2012 Females and the Atmosphere prize. Since the beginning 2000s, this village has been known as the Middle of Tubers and Local Food.

Remarkably, their items were promoted not only in Main Coffee and Yogyakarta. Moreover, they were also going into Jakarta, Bogor, Semarang, Surabaya and other big places. Their item's cases are garut snacks, green yam/sweet apples flour, and the deposits hand glucose. All are organic, healthier and quite inexpensive.

Mr. Kemin informed their battle to me. At first, the make an effort to replant the lights in the garden was overlooked. But gradually many individuals come to back up. It was such as the regional village govt. To getting their interest was by showing on the dearest forefathers.

"Why did our grandparents' tooth still intact? Even when they were die and being buried? The purpose is because most of them were consuming many healthier food. Moreover, the characteristics and the ground has not been impure by the substances harmful as these days," he said.

Suitable for Indonesian belly

Mutiara Nugraheni validated this simple dissertation. The pupil of S-3 System in Food Technological innovation Staff at Farming Technological innovation UGM Yogyakarta said that the tubers are more appropriate to the tummy of Indonesian individuals. While whole grain or grain is less appropriate. The purpose is because it included gluten. Indeed, this material is required by European individuals who have powerful lifestyle. However, if the Indonesian consumes too much whole grain or grain, it triggered children to become hyperactive/autism.

Furthermore, this Speaker of Condition School in Yogyakarta (UNY) researched the advantages of tubers with regards to health. For ulcer patients please take pati garut or the material. Its flour can be prepared into desserts and breads. For individuals with diabetic issues, they can substitute the intake of bright grain with green uwi.

Moreover, Melanoma can be treated by consuming kleci apples. Its Latina name is Coleus Tuberosus. This tubers should be boiled with its skin. According to analysis in the clinical, the follicle part material of Anti-oxidants Ursolic Acidity (UA) and Oleanolic Acidity (OA) which in fact can acquire the growth. These important conclusions have been released in three significant journals: The Worldwide Food Research Publication, Africa Publication of Food Technological innovation, and Publication of Healing Plants Research (2012).

Furthermore, with regards to treatment the tuber vegetation are also much simpler. It is especially while when in comparison to grain or whole grain or grain. Both of these vegetation are the drinking habits. While the tubers can be endure in the dry interval. They knowledgeable a interval of dormancy or crack for a while. However, once rain comes, they can easily come back and willing to be gathered.

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